Damaged or Missing Items

In the unlikely event that your clothes arrive back damaged or missing, please email info@Lolaslaundryky.com including a photo and detailed description of damages, and any other evidence:

  1. Order number.
  2. Name of garment or item as set forth on the inventory sheet provided to Lola’s Laundry or Lola’s Laundry Partner/Provider.
  3.  Approximate age of the item.
  4. Brief description of the condition of the item prior to incurring damage (not applicable in the case of missing items).
  5. Brief description of the items condition and damage to the item after damage incurred (not applicable in the case of missing items).
  6. At least one photograph of the item showing the damage such item incurred.
  7. Receipt of purchase of the item or when such receipt is not reasonably.

available, other reasonable proof demonstrating the value of the item at the it was purchased.

If you are reporting a missing item, our count must be accepted unless a list accompanied your bundle. You must send this email to us within 24 hours of receiving the damaged item or missing item. We follow the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide for reimbursement. Our goal is to always fix the problem first and if we can’t, then the refund/credit process will start. Our support team will review and get back to you within 72 hours to notify you that your claim is being carefully reviewed.

Any report which fails to include the required information shall not be accepted by Lola’s Laundry and accordingly remove any and all liability of Lola’s Laundry and Lola’s Laundry Provider/Partner(s) for the missing or damaged item. Additionally, failure to report the missing or damaged item(s) within 24 hours shall remove any liability of Lola’s Laundry for the missing or damaged item. Lola’s Laundry shall use the report to determine, in its sole discretion, whether any refund or credit will be issued to the customer. Lola’s Laundry shall respond to the customer with its decision no later than 5 business days thereafter Lola’s Laundry receipt of such report. If, after investigating the report and claim of loss or damage, Lola’s Laundry decides to issue a refund or credit, such refund or credit shall be issued for the value of the damaged or lost item as specified in the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide. This guide considers the average life of the garment, depreciation for the age of the item, and the current replacement cost. If the customer is unable to document the age of a garment, Lola’s Laundry reserves the right to limit the maximum age of any garment to one year. If no current replacement cost is available Lola’s Laundry reserves the right to use the replacement cost of a comparable item currently available.

Lola’s Laundry and Lola’s Laundry Service Providers/Partners are not liable for any pre-existing damage to a garment or other item and reserves the right to return any item without cleaning it if any pre-existing damage is found or if Lola’s Laundry or the Lola’s Laundry Provider/Partner has a concern about the colorfastness or the age or weakness of the fabric of such item. All refunds/reimbursements offered by Lola’s Laundry to the customer, must be claimed by the customer within a 30 Day period. Once the 30 day period has expired, the customer’s claim will be considered resolved and dosed.