Lola’s Laundry is the premier facility that outshines the competition when you need a reliable, high-quality laundromat in the Georgetown area. For over years, residential and commercial clients have chosen us for our state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional service amenities, and laundry experts who create refreshing wash experiences.

Advanced laundromat with big washers Georgetown KY

Despite the sizable interior, the computerized sensors gently cradle clothes for complete sudsy circulation using less water and detergent. Programs also allow customization of settings like temperature and tumble speed depending on the fabric. With wide drum openings and bright interior lights, cleaning Laundry is effortless.

When clothes are transferred to the dryers, their moisture-sensing technology prevents heat damage by automatically shutting off when loads are dry. The result is ultimate fabric care, and energy savings passed onto our customers.  

Convenience Amenities Galore

Between wash and dry cycles, enjoy free Wi-Fi, cable TVs, phone charging stations, vending machines stocked with supplies, a lounge area with magazines and books, play space for kids, and other amenities that add value for customers. We transform a boring laundromat experience into an enjoyable pitstop during your day!

Attendant Staff Dedicated to Service  

Have questions on how to operate a machine properly? Need help determining which wash settings to use? Our trained laundry attendants have the answers! Beyond equipment assistance, our staff provides exceptional customer service by explaining our laundry services to new customers, consulting on stain issues, demonstrating eco-friendly products, and more. Consider them your laundry guides!

Wash & Fold Services That Exceed Expectations

Too overwhelmed with piles of Laundry taking over your home? Let Lola’s Laundry remove the hassle completely! Our popular wash and fold services offer commercial-grade cleaning so you receive clothing and linens fresher than if doing it yourself. 

Drop off laundry bags at your convenience. Our attendants handle washing, drying, and precise folding, so everything is ready for pickup within 48 hours. We also offer delivery services for an added convenience charge. Experience next-level, professional wash and fold with Lola’s Laundry!  

Laundromat service Georgetown KY for Commercial Businesses

In addition to being the leading laundromat for Georgetown residents, Lola’s Laundry provides specialized programs for commercial accounts. Property management firms, salons, gyms, mechanics garages, restaurants, and other businesses can benefit from our commercial laundry packages.

We make professional laundering efficient for company uniforms, linens, and other high-volume items. Perks include:

Make Lola’s Laundry the convenient one-stop laundromat for your business and employees’ personal washing needs!

Experience the Lola’s Laundry Difference  

At Lola’s Laundry, the days of dreary public laundromats and lackluster home washers are gone. We bring the art of Laundry into the 21st century through our sleek facility that nurtures the community and our state-of-the-art machines engineered to clean with precision. Blending tech with the human touch, our laundry oasis stimulates the senses through amenities like aroma diffusers, ambient music, and mood lighting while attendants enliven spaces through service. When every detail and product offering evoke an elevated experience, Laundry suddenly transforms into a ritual of renewal. Discover the Lola’s Laundry difference as we reinvent the standard for laundromats in Georgetown and beyond.

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