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Free up your time by having Lola’s Laundry handle your laundry needs from your doorstep.  Taking care of your clothes is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

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Clean Laundromat In Georgetown

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What does the $35min mean?

There is a $35 minimum per order. Since we charge $2.00 per pound for wash and fold, it’s basically a little over 17.5 pounds of laundry. If you send us less than 17.5 pounds of laundry, you will be charged $35 plus pickup/delivery fee for that order.

How much is the pickup and delivery charge?

Base fee: $7.50 per ride (pickup or delivery) up to 3 miles.  

Incremental mile fee: $0.70 per mile (max distance of 10 miles) Keep watch for store promotional credits

Can I use my own laundry detergent?

Of course you can! Just leave it with our driver and we will use your detergent and/or softener. Otherwise, we will use our non-scented, non-allergenic detergent.

How much does your service cost?

We charge $2.00 per pound for wash and folding laundry. Please check out our Pricing page for a full price list.

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