Nothing is worse than realizing that the cleaning process of clothes has faded the color of your favorite dress. While laundering, you may make mistakes that cause fading and poor-quality clothes. If you want to keep your favorite pants in fresh condition or protect your newly purchased shirt, you need to learn how to keep clothes new-looking for a longer time.

Although after a certain time, clothes start losing vibrancy, and from various washing cycles, you can protect your clothes from losing color and quality very quickly with top working methods. Moreover, you can seek to wash and fold service; professionals gently clean your clothes that stop friction, and keep your garments’ quality.

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Perks Of Wash And Fold Laundry

In today’s world, everybody has a busy schedule that they hardly get time for their daily activities. Laundry is one of such activities. You may not get enough time for laundering – here is an option for you, which is hiring a wash and fold laundry service. Professional clothing cleaners protect your clothes, remove all stubborn stains, and save time that you can use productively on other tasks. Also, laundry experts wash your clothes gently, which keeps the fabric quality for a longer period.

Due to the wrong cleaning process, you may lose your clothes color. You can take experts’ help to prevent your garments from fading. Some of the tricks have been mentioned below.

1. Wash Temperature Matters

Many individuals believe in the myth that hot water is ideal for laundry, but they don’t know that washing with hot water multiple times will decline the quality of your clothes. Experienced laundry experts advised hot water is dangerous to your clothes. Rather, you should use cold water that will keep the quality and prevent fading. 

2. Wash Same Color Clothes Together

Washing colored clothes together is one of the best tricks to keep your attire in good condition. Therefore, darker shade dyes can affect the lighter shades, and you can lose your favorite dress. You may wash clothes of the same color separately instead of washing them together. The process may be longer, but it will help you out. In case you lack time, you can connect with a wash and fold service that will be helpful in handing over your clothes to experts’ hands, and you will save your time, too.

3. Wash Clothing Inside Out

Laundering clothes inside out helps prevent wear and tear that the multiple washing process may inflict on your costumes. It may better protect any logos as well as patterns. Moreover, when you dry the clothes from the reverse side, it will also preserve the color from sun rays that fade up fabrics more quickly. Taking wash and fold service in Georgetown will be the best to make your laundry durable.

4. Skip the Drying Machine

The best laundry service in Georgetown shall help you, but when you do the laundry yourself, you must avoid using a dry machine. Air-drying is the ideal way to maintain the vibrancy. The dryer makes clothing fibers rougher and look poor.

5. Use Gentle Detergent

Detergent is the main key ingredient in laundry, so you must choose and use the detergent carefully. If you pick poor-quality detergent, it will quickly discard the quality. Also, when you put the detergent in the wrong quantity, especially more quantity will damage the garments way earlier. Make sure you pick and put the quality properly.

Protect Your Attires From Fading With The Right Laundry Method!

You may not know the right way of laundry that can harm your clothing and fade its color. You should know all the tricks and tips for preventing clothes from fading up. Moreover, the better choice is to pick the wash and fold service from Lola’s Laundry, LLC. Here, we provide our clients with the services of pick up & delivery, dropoff, wash & fold, etc. If you need to get the full details, you can call us right now.

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